On Tops and Bottoms (OrgasmDaily.us)

...I look up at her eyes now intently untying the splendidly knotted rope from my wrists. My body is still convulsing like a eel plugged into a light socket plugged into a lightning storm. Aside from the spasms, I’ve barely moved an inch yet I’m burning up and completely exhausted. Bottoming is not the passive role I had thought it was. Getting off is a lot of work!...

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Ruwan Meepagala

Ruwan brings people back to their instincts. He writes, teaches, and coaches on expressing creative energy. He hosts a video series about relationships and has a podcast on Perpetual Orgasm and Infinite Play. You can find more of his work at Ruwando.com. He lives in Austin, TX with his girlfriend and sometimes reads books while hanging upside down.