Why Witches Should Make Their Beds (

Why Witches Should Make Their Beds (

Up until about a year ago, you could not convince me to make a bed. It was more than laziness. I actively refused to. It made no sense that one should bother “making” what one would soon be messed up again. As a child, this argument extended with my mother to overall philosophy on room cleanliness.

I liked having my toys and books scattered. I knew where everything was, and even back then I felt that disorder and chaos were representative of my personality. Over my last decade of both intentionally and unintentionally studying energy, I’ve realized how the organization of space has a huge effect on a person’s creativity, mood, and ability to
affect reality. This is especially important for those who are sensitive to that which exists beyond the mundane.

In other words, bad witches need to make their beds. Here’s why:

1. Arranging materials practices Intention

While it is certainly possible that a bunch of paper and office supplies thrown at a desk could fall in an organized manner, we all know the likelihood of that is slim to nil. When we see neatly organized paper and supplies on a desk we assume that someone intended for it to look just like that.

A creator is one who wants to see his or her intentions expressed in the world. Anytime we make a bed or organize our things, we are doing just that. Making a bed may not seem as significant as creating art or manifesting an unlikely circumstance, but the mental procedure is exactly the same.

The more precisely we organize our space, the more specific we are in realizing our desires.

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