Why Go Vegan? with Marc S. Wood

Why try the Vegan Lifestyle? Marc Stafford Wood, plant-based coach, inspires me to try a 28 Day Vegan Challenge.

In the challenge I will be observing changes in the following:

  • Reduction of inflammation: I have some serious inflammation in my body around old sports-injuries that have been perhaps exaggerated by a meat-based acidic diet. Vegans boast that their alkaline diets can reverse such effects.
  • Increasing of libido: There are a ton of competing arguments on the vegan's sex drive. Studies have shown that vegan diets lead to increased total testosterone, but also increase estrogens that bind testosterone leading to less free testosterone. (Free T is what is believed to be what really counts in muscle growth and sex drive.) However that didn't stop PETA from releasing the very entertaining PSA: "Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom Out of Me"
  • More energy: This ties to the theory that energy derived from plants is cleaner because it is fewer degrees of separation from our source of all energy, the Sun. (I mention in the interview a yogi I know who claims to absorb his breakfast directly from the sun, but that's a different experiment entirely.)
  • Greater access to Intuition: In certain shamanistic circles, it is believed that high-stimulus foods like meat are grounding whereas eating plants raises you to the ethereal. Shamans I've met say not to eat any animal products for a weeks before a ceremony in order to experience the full effect.

Ruwan Meepagala

Ruwan brings people back to their instincts. He writes, teaches, and coaches on expressing creative energy. He hosts a video series about relationships and has a podcast on Perpetual Orgasm and Infinite Play. You can find more of his work at Ruwando.com. He lives in Austin, TX with his girlfriend and sometimes reads books while hanging upside down.