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I've helped hundreds of Men and Women materialize their desires. Here's what a few have to say:

As a coach Ruwan is SUPER engaged. A session with him is really dynamic. As much as his philosophy pushes away intellectualism, he’d a really smart guy who understands people...he can pick up on things and gain insights pretty quickly. - Ty, New York, USA

After the first session, I started getting more attention my way… - Lionel, Salvador, Brazil

Ruwan was masterful to call me out, strip me down [verbally], and help me to see my higher self and embrace my vulnerabilities. His skills allowed me to explore my deeper self and feel safe in doing so and accepting what I discovered. - Denisse, Washington DC, USA

Before I worked with Ruwan I missed so many opportunities with women…. Now I have so much more confidence with women. I have more sexual energy. I have more confidence in my intuition. -Nathan, San Francisco, USA

What I found in the first sessions was something seriously powerful. I uncovered my fears and desires in my life in a way I have never examined before. I am still amazed at how much we were able to accomplish during our sessions and I and extremely excited about putting into practice what I learned. I think everyone, men and women, should have an honest discussion with Ruwan. - Mary, New York, USA

Ruwan helped me bounce back after a breakup. I learned how to get in alignment with life. - Kris, New York, USA

Ruwan is a great coach. He helped me with my confidence around females in approaching them. I have become more comfortable in my own skin and am aware of what I do and what stops me in certain situations. -Singh, Jersey City, USA

Ruwan is calm, straight and clear in his coaching. Through some great exercises I got to know myself in a new way. - Marga, Alkamaar, Netherlands

Ruwan reframes situations as fun interaction, not a succeed or fail. I’m getting a lot more attention from women, sex and makeouts. His advice was spot on. - Lawrence, San Franscisco, USA