Here's a few of my classes. Some of them obviously have explicit material. Use your discretion.

Online Classes:

For Everyone:

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Free 1  week course to help you drop limiting patterns: stuck emotions, self-sabotaging behaviors, and limiting beliefs.

If you're feeling stuck, take this course BEFORE you reach out to me for coaching.


Meditation Series

3 part audio meditations for the practice of channeling your sex drive into creativity.

For Men:


Sexual Vitality Secrets

1 Week Free Course for men to learn how to retain arousal to fuel their charisma, motivation, life.

(And yes, last longer in bed too)

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Masculine Underground

Recording of full day workshop on self-actualization for men.

Featuring coaches: Brian Begin (FEARLESS), Ken Blackman, Om Rupani, Rob Kandell, and Ruwando.

In-Person Workshops:


Source Tantra Workshops

The best workshops on Tantra yoga.

I am not a teacher here, but I have studied here and can vouch for the quality of their teaching.