-09 Michael Ellsberg: Creative Madness, Manic Depression

Michael Ellsberg is the bestselling author of The Education of Millionaires. We had this conversation after he wrote a piece about his bipolar 2 after a manic phase publicized about this writing. Michael shares a very raw and honest perspective on creativity, depression, and mania.

-08 Alexander Heyne: Modern Health Monk

Alexander Heyne is the founder of and He is also a student of Chinese medicine, currently getting his doctorate. At the time of this interview he was just about to transition to med student life after years of being a full time entrepreneur. We talk practical health, mindset, and about the esoteric aspects of Chinese medicine.

-07 Blake Eastman: Nonverbal Communication

Blake Eastman is the founder of the Nonverbal Group, a company that does research and teaches courses on nonverbal communication. He also was a professional poker player and founder School of Cards for teaching poker skills.

We speak about theories how people actually "read" each other and what you should know about how you communicate without words.