-09 Michael Ellsberg: Creative Madness, Manic Depression

Michael Ellsberg is the bestselling author of The Education of Millionaires. We had this conversation after he wrote a piece about his bipolar 2 after a manic phase publicized about this writing. Michael shares a very raw and honest perspective on creativity, depression, and mania.

008 Benjamin Smythe: Dissolving Duality

Benjamin Smythe (Jack Saturday) is unique individual. This is a unique episode. My gf shared his videos with me and I had to meet this guy.

He talks philosophy and sees his life as a "one big art project". He embodies the Sacred Fool more than anyone I've ever met. This is fun one, and trippy. Is he nuts or a genius? You decide.

Attraction by Instinct (ELITE MAN PODCAST)

Guest appearance on The Elite Man Podcast:

(Click on the image to listen on

(Click on the image to listen on

I speak with Elite Man founder Justing Stenstrom Attraction by Instinct. 

Summary (taken from

  • How Ruwan became a sexuality and men’s coach and the struggles he had earlier on in his life
  • How he got good with women at first but why it felt really weird after a while
  • The fact that when Ruwan switched over to having more of a natural game he not only had better success but also was much happier
  • Why having empathy is one of the most important tools to have in your dating and sexual life
  • Why we all have a built in mechanism for reading women and how to use it the right way
  • How to use your instincts and when to trust them
  • How to get in touch with your body and your movements and how this translates into being more aware with women
  • How to escalate with women quickly and effortlessly
  • How to be more sexual with women and consequently be more into the women you meet
  • How to get women to actually approach you
  • Being in touch with your desires and expressing this to women
  • How to become more balanced with your masculine and feminine sides and why this is so important
  • Why Ruwan and I both love hanging out with women even without sex on the table
  • How to have a better sex life right away
  • Having sex that both you and your partner completely enjoy
  • Understanding a woman’s anatomy and the basics of good sex

002 Dave Burns: Sales Alchemy

Sales is the number one place with entrepreneur's falter. It brings up all sorts of our stuff around self-worth and being seen a certain way. Dave drops some wisdom bombs on how to sell authentically in a way that's true to you. Also, one of the audience members suggested that we do a live role play that become pretty real-- Dave enrolls me to a "next step" live.

This conversation was recorded with a live virtual audience. To attend future recordings follow me on Crowdcast.

-03 Chirp Herm: Professional Poker & Skrillaging

Mark "Chip" Herm is a pro poker player whom I met studying orgasm. This episode was recorded on New Years Day 2016 where we talk about goal creation, skrillaging, and Chirp's new fatherhood.

This is the 3rd throwback episode from my old podcast. Catch the new ones live by following me on Crowdcast.