002 Dave Burns: Sales Alchemy

Sales is the number one place with entrepreneur's falter. It brings up all sorts of our stuff around self-worth and being seen a certain way. Dave drops some wisdom bombs on how to sell authentically in a way that's true to you. Also, one of the audience members suggested that we do a live role play that become pretty real-- Dave enrolls me to a "next step" live.

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001 Om Rupani: Prerequisites to Ecstasy

Om Rupani is a Domination and Submission Instructor and the author of Prerequisites to Ecstasy. He and I speak about the psychology behind people's blocks to intimacy and pleasure in relationships. He also shares some insight on the male-female dynamic using my relationship as an example.

This episode was recorded with a live virtual audience and some of the audience got to ask questions live. If you'd like to attend future live recordings follow me on Crowdcast and check out the posted schedule.