014 Nikki Armytage-Foy: Electric Woman



Nikki Armytage-Foy is the founder of Electric Woman, a company focused on women's growth. Nikki and I speak about the challenges for femininity in masculine-dominated settings, how to connect with you personal "spirit guide", and lifestyle design.

Find her work at ElectricWoman.com.

She also has a great program coming up called Electric 9. If you're a woman looking for an immersive community to grow with, check it out.

011 Mark "Chirp" Herm: Spiritual Dilemmas


Mark "Chirp" Herm is a professional poker player. We speak about mixing a spiritual path with the real world. Chirp and I studied Orgasm together once upon a time. We got in touch again recently when Chirp was recently went back to OneTaste and questioning the different life paths.

008 Benjamin Smythe: Dissolving Duality

Benjamin Smythe (Jack Saturday) is unique individual. This is a unique episode. My gf shared his videos with me and I had to meet this guy.

He talks philosophy and sees his life as a "one big art project". He embodies the Sacred Fool more than anyone I've ever met. This is fun one, and trippy. Is he nuts or a genius? You decide.

003 Sean Chiddy: Yang Mindfulness & Entheogens in Healing



Sean Chiddy is a psychotherapist who with people taking plant medicines. We speak about how to understand some of the mystic beliefs fo shamans and things that people need to know before using entheogens for healing.

Sean's mindfulness workshop at the Temple of the Way of Light: https://templeofthewayoflight.org/retreats/mindfulness-and-ayahuasca/


002 Dave Burns: Sales Alchemy



Sales is the number one place with entrepreneur's falter. It brings up all sorts of our stuff around self-worth and being seen a certain way. Dave drops some wisdom bombs on how to sell authentically in a way that's true to you. Also, one of the audience members suggested that we do a live role play that become pretty real-- Dave enrolls me to a "next step" live.

This conversation was recorded with a live virtual audience. To attend future recordings follow me on Crowdcast.